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Maximizing efficiency across building design construction projects. Digitally.

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Service Overview .

Where are you on the road to achieving high operational efficiency in your construction projects? Are you plagued by cost overruns, delayed construction schedules, project ambiguities, lack of interdisciplinary coordination or extensive reworks?

Hitech empowers Architectural, Engineering and Construction firms globally, to boost operational efficiencies and optimize workflows through cutting edge end-to end 体育OB solutions. We convert legacy drawings and sketches into information-rich 3D models with accurate scheduling and cost estimates for enhanced project visualization, better assessment of building constructability and quicker client approvals.

By automating manual 体育OB workflows, our 体育OB automation experts accelerate lead times and improve quality and productivity. Custom Revit libraries give you multiple design prototypes to help deliver projects within proposed time and budget. Our digital twins and facility management solutions help real time property maintenance and management.

We specialize in hospitals and airports and have executed hundreds of projects for civic and public buildings, hotels, commercial and residential buildings.




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Enter the world of Construction 4.0

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  • Digital Technologies 体育OB Automation
  • Operations 体育OB Services
  • 体育OB Automation

    Revit Dynamo Automation

    Incorporate Dynamo to accelerate creation of Revit 体育OB models by automating repetitive tasks. Through robust plug-ins, APIs and macros, you can overcome design errors and project delays.   »

    Autodesk Forge Development

    We help you access design and engineering data, build collaborative workflows and eliminate communication gaps in complex construction projects.   »

    体育OB Automation
  • 体育OB Services

    体育OB Consulting

    We work collaboratively and innovatively to create a 体育OB roadmap for a smooth transition from legacy processes to integrated 体育OB workflows that ensure maximized ROIs.   »

    体育OB Modelling & Clash Resolution

    Transform your architectural, structural and MEPF concept ideas into detailed, integrated and coordinated Revit 体育OB models and construction documentation through our services.   »

    Construction Sequencing and Scheduling

    Visualize entire projects and optimize planning by leveraging our expertise in taking out 3D models in IFC format and producing simulations linked to a construction work schedule.   »

    Cost Estimation & Quantity Takeoff

    Linking project data with cost data from diverse sources, we deliver BOQs and cost estimates, speeding up the bidding phase and helping you achieve higher ROIs.   »

    体育OB for FM

    Our 体育OB-based Digital Twins enable data-driven decisions for better asset and facility management, maintenance and repairs for residential and commercial properties, as well as social housing corporations.   »

    体育OB Services

Satisfied Customers .

80% recurring clients and partnerships with industry leaders reflect our commitment to customers – their growth, their satisfaction.

  • Keiwit
  • Plowman Craven
  • Airware
  • KEO
  • Cofely
  • AL Naboodah
  • Orascom
  • Mercury Mena
  • KEF Infra
  • MeinHardt
  • Hutchinson Builders


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Service Leadership .

Bachal Bhambhani

Bachal Bhambhani

Bachal represents Hitech in North America, and helps client and our production teams collaborate effectively on projects and partnership initiatives.

Bhushan Avsatthi

Bhushan Avsatthi

Bhushan leads the 体育OB Consulting team with a focus on operations excellence through the integration of new technology and Lean techniques to enhance 体育OB practices and projects.

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