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CFD simulation, analysis helped manufacturer to improve dimensions, material selection of beds as well as thermal efficiency of regenerative thermal oxidizer Banner

Client Profile

A leading European manufacturer and supplier of industrial air pollution control systems and energy recovery systems. Over 30 years, the company had established a global footprint, delivering over 3,000 thermal oxidizer systems of various types to customers in five continents.

Business Need .

The client was looking for expert providers of CFD simulation studies to check the performance of a two-chamber Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) system, which was custom designed for an Asian customer.

The requirement was to study the RTO design to simulate and analyze flow distribution and thermal efficiency, and propose design improvements as to dimensions and materials of the regenerative beds.

Challenges .

  • A porous inserted regenerative thermal oxidizer and presence of ceramic foams demanded a lot of data to examine the performance characteristics such as pressure drop, temperature distribution, etc.
  • Developing the model required that we work out numerous parameters influencing flow behavior and thermal efficiency.
  • Evaluating material selection and appropriate dimensions for regenerative beds demanded calculations and simulations based on a lot of scenarios.

Technology .

ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS Design Modeler

Solutions .

Detailed CFD Analysis Report

  • Including detailed reports with snapshots of images, simulation videos and calculations.
  • The key points detailed include pressure drop, temperature distributions, emissions and thermal efficiency.
  • Design recommendations proposed for ceramic material and bed length that offered the best results in the context of the client’s customer site.
CFD Simulation: Thermal Oxidizer

Approach .

Developed a 3D model and performed meshing of the RTO using ANSYS Design Modeler

CFD Simulations, calculations to verify model accuracy

CFD simulations, calculations and analysis of velocity and temperature fields inside the RTO

CFD simulations, calculations and analysis of air volume, VOC concentrations, and valve switching times

Business Impact .

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