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体育OB modeling process optimization and automation solutions help real estate data management firm save 50% on time and 18% on cost Banner

Client Profile

The client is a European real estate management company that helps property owners to digitize and analyse housing property data for management and maintenance of buildings.

Technology .

Autodesk Revit®, Dynamo Studio

Business Needs .

  • Create 3D 体育OB models at required LOD with information on surface areas, floor areas and quantities required for building maintenance, review of rent and property value determination.
  • Create 2D drawings, floor plans and façade views.
  • Develop BOQ details for individual house units.
  • Upload the 体育OB models and drawings, linking it with GIS data of buildings.

Challenges .

  • Poor quality of input data along with notes in native languages.
  • Modeling of 13000 house units within a year complying with new local byelaws called for ramp ups and continual training.
  • Inconsistent quality of drawings of 13000 houses.
体育OB Modeling Process Optimization

Solutions .

Delivered 13000 体育OB models, with associated drawings and BOQ for each model, within a short time duration of 9 months. This process involved incorporating process and workflow optimization using Dynamo to speed up delivery.

Approach .

Benefits .

  • Accelerated project delivery standards helped client save 50% on time.
  • With one source for managing 80% of 体育OB modeling work and 100% QC work, client saved 18% on costs.

Client Speaks .

The engineers and automation specialists handled the entire project very efficiently and accurately despite large volumes. Their patience directly uplifted the quality of the deliverables. We look forward to working with them on our future projects – CEO, Real Estate Management Firm, Europe

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