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Concept design and manufacturing drawings for kiosk manufacturer using SolidWorks, USA Banner

Client Profile

Kiosk manufacturer, U.S.A.
Industry: Travel and Tourism Industry

Objective .

Client, a leading manufacturer of kiosks from the USA, delivering range of custom designs for kiosks needed hardware and software solutions for development of kiosk designs. Hitech engineers developed 3D designs and manufacturing drawings using SolidWorks to delivery models suitable for manufacturing considering bought-out items.

Business Needs .

  • Identify a suitable and versatile software for design development from concept to manufacturing ready drawings.
  • Offering the right product mix interactivity with the users from all classes and features for ease.
  • Develop pleasing and easy to operate self-serving kiosk design for multiple usage for printing travel tickets and associated operations.
  • Develop easy to use and ergonomically sound kiosk designs for public use at railway stations.

Challenges .

  • Choosing appropriate designs, materials for body, and manufacturing method for surface finish as it affects the aesthetics directly.
  • Requirement of profound knowledge of design aesthetics, easy usability and sheet metal fabrication designs.
  • Adding design features to predefined needs of sleek nature of body, durability as used publically, accommodate all technology LCD panels, electronics etc.
  • Gathering knowledge from local vendors for modeling the already bought-out items for preparing holistic kiosk CAD model.
  • Design multipurpose kiosks specific to local standards, UI, and UX from end user’s needs.
Concept design and manufacturing drawings for kiosk manufacturer

Hitech’s Solution .

Approach .

Benefit .

Client Speaks .

Hitech has the finest design teams who are dedicated to quality and achieving efficient final outputs. Their engineers blended with our design teams and understood exactly what we wanted.

Result .

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