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500,000 government contacts from 75,000+ websites aggregated, validated and cleansed for a government-spends platform Banner

Client Profile

The client is a Florida-based technology company which provides procurement and sourcing data on government contracts through an integrated web-based platform. The comprehensive database included detailed information on government spends across verticals to help vendors and agencies explore leads for enhanced business opportunities.

Business Need .

To maintain a comprehensive and close to real time updated government spending database, the company aggregated millions of PO and tender data records from multiple agencies. This included a nationwide contact directory of these agencies with names, phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses of officials, managers, etc.

Aggregating the voluminous contact data of federal, state and local agencies from multiple sources, while ensuring their credibility, was a challenging task.

The company hence partnered with Hitech to aggregate, validate and cleanse its huge government contact database to maintain data integrity and credibility for its subscribers.

Challenges .

The data aggregation and validation which included a mix of manual and automated processes invited the following challenges:

Solution .

Delivered an updated database of close to 500,000 contacts of federal, state and local government agencies, to power a robust and high performing government-spends platform. This involved an optimal and seamless blend of manual and automated data collection, validation and cleansing process. Interactive reports and dashboards with granular as well as analytical data were important inclusions.

The verified and validated data improved the accuracy of the AI algorithms and ensured better and more relevant search results on construction project data.

Approach .

The government websites which were to be visited to collect contact data of various agencies was defined and shared to the Hitech data team by the client.

Business Impact .

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