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Ongoing image editing and retouching of 3000+ property images daily for USA-based real estate photography company within a TAT of 12-hours increases brand credibility Banner

Client Profile

The real estate photography and videography company helps clients across USA to maintain their digital catalogs and brochures for enhanced brand credibility. The company was seeking image editing experts to post-process 3000+ real estate photographs daily.

Business Need .

The real estate photography company had 20+ photographers onboard to capture photographs for its digital catalogs and brochures. Despite the best equipment and skills, the photographs required editing and retouching to make them print ready. Lack of lighting, unwanted clutter, saturated colors, and harsh shadows were some of the imperfections that needed to be worked upon, and involved a series of processes including:

  • Virtual staging
  • Light and Color temperature adjustment
  • Merging bracketed exposures
  • Managing natural look of edited images
  • Saturation and hue management
  • Resizing property images as per digital catalog specifications

The company approached Hitech to get real estate property images edited and retouched without disturbing the signature style of the real estate photographer.

Challenges .

An initial scope of work assessment highlighted the huge volumes of photographs that needed to be edited on a daily basis. A structured and tightly designed work flow was needed to ensure that no image editor spent more than allotted time to edit any one image.

Following project requirements increased the challenges of the process:

Solution .

Designed and implemented a process workflow for ongoing post processing HD quality property images using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. The automated image editing workflow ensured that edited images upon reaching the final lag, would trigger an alert and get automatically assigned to a multi-layered quality check process.

Approach .

Manual approach to receive, classify, select and edit real estate images could prove time consuming, error-prone and not the most cost-efficient way to handle the project. So, the image editing specialists at Hitech designed and deployed a seamless and automated photo post-processing workflow.


Quality Check and Audit:


Business Impact .

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