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NEN2580-compliant Digital Twins help Social Housing Corporation in Netherlands meet government mandate within stipulated deadline Banner

Client Profile

The client is one of Netherlands’ leading real estate companies operating in the social housing space. Committed to providing quality and affordable housing, the social housing corporation meets the living needs of more than 10,000 tenants in the Netherlands. The company with an employee strength of 70+, commands a turnover of $153.35 million.

Business Need .

The client needed to create digital twins for each of their residential properties in accordance with government mandates within a short timeframe of 5 months. The digital twins would also aid in facility management of their residential properties.

They consulted Hitech for the project and together they agreed on the project scope which required Hitech to:

Solution .

Hitech created an entire digitized real estate portfolio (twin model) with accurate NEN 2580 reports (compliant) and enhanced representation (through Lux) to the tenants/renters.

The key deliverables included 3D Digital Twins for 10,000+ residential units, each accompanied by reports/certificates in compliance with NEN2580 standards. The 体育OB ILS standard models enabled the client to meet the Netherlands government property standards mandate. The project was supported by the technological capabilities of Luxs in visualizing real-estate data and providing NEN2580 compliant reports.

Approach .

The approach followed by the Hitech team of 体育OB engineers included the following steps:

Tools and Technology used- Revit, Custom Tools and Plugins, Dynamo

Business Impact .

Quality: 80% FTR (First Time Right)
Quality: Met government compliance through NEN580 reports
Timeline: Project completion within the stipulated 5 months
Cost: Project cost well within stipulated budget
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