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Life Assessment of Valve Component Subjected to Internal Pressure Loading Banner

Client Profile

Gate valve manufacturer, Europe
Industry: Oil and Gas Industry

Objective .

The gate valve assembly carrying high temperature fluid was to be analyzed for operational safety and check stress concentration and deformation across the assembly for which the manufacturer approached Hitech engineering teams. Using ANSYS Workbench, project team prepared the simulation results and delivered to client prior to manufacturing.

Life assessment of Valve Component

Business Needs

Challenges .

Hitech’s Solution .

Hitech engineering teams developed CAD model for the gate valve assembly from which an FE model was created to perform simulations. By replicating real world conditions the results were generated which showed that the designs were accurate for valve assembly to function within safe stress limits.

Approach .

Benefit .

Client Speaks .

With a prior analysis results and design validation reports prepared by Hitech FEA specialists and experts, we could save umpteen resources. We would recommend Hitech to anyone.

Result .

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