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Robust parcel data aggregation workflow for leading MLS delivers high-performing website for seamless customer experience Banner

Client Profile

A leading real estate portal where 200 million home buyers, sellers, renters, agents and property managers browse home and apartment listings, shop for mortgages, and find information about 110 million homes across U.S.

Business Need .

The client hosted a huge volume of aggregated parcel data on its portal and was confronted with the highly resource intensive task of maintaining high volume of records to meet user expectations as well as ensuring accuracy and updated status of records.

In order to maintain a robust and high performing database, the company was looking to expand the depth and width of data capture as also increase parcel data accuracy by extensive validation and verification activities. This would include verification of parcel data against latest information available on USPS website (United States Postal Services) and various county websites. As a next step the property parcel data was to be mapped and standardized in a format compatible with their system.

Hitech was approached to capture and verify property and owner addresses, standardize owner names, append owner and situs zip codes, review primary situs addresses, APN (Assessor’s Parcel Number), legal description etc.

Challenges .

Solution .

Deployed a seamless workflow using macros, scheduled bots and rule-based scripts to scrape and validate property data from USPS and other county websites, quality check it, and route it to client system through API credentials.

Approach .

After studying the as-is process, our team of data professionals designed and documented a workflow in consultation with client to capture, validate, and verify property data using a mix of manual and automated steps.


The entire workflow was broken into several modules according to the expertise required for various activities and resources were mapped to modules according to skills.

Quality Check and Audit:

Delivery and Dispatch:

Technology Used

MS Access, PG Admin, Macros, Bots and Scripts

Business Impact .

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