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Point Cloud to Revit as-built modeling solutions helps with building condition assessment of a Starbucks outlet in the US Banner

Client Profile

A leading solution provider of building survey, design, construction, and management solutions.

Overview .

The surveyor approached us to develop an as-built Revit model of a Starbucks outlet from Point Cloud data obtained through scanners and drones. Our Revit engineers studied photographs of the construction, followed by extensive extrapolation, to obtain 3D geometry from scans and photos. The team completed the project within 16 weeks.

Business Needs .

  • Combine all building information into a single 体育OB model.
  • Gain insights into building condition for facility management.
  • Develop an as-built Revit model of the existing construction facility.

Challenges .

  • Large volume of scanned data, with many redundant scan files (multiple scanned files of same area from varying angles).
  • Less than accurate scans, as several areas of the construction and complex interiors were not scanned accurately.
  • Need to take calculated modeling risks for the areas not visible in scans, which could result in time-consuming work processes.

Solutions .

Based on Point Cloud data of hundreds of gigabytes, 360° photographs and CAD drawings, the team delivered

  • An as-built Revit model with an accuracy of 10mm within 16 weeks.
  • A Final PDF file with cover sheet, site plan, floor plan, building section, reflected ceiling plan, above ceiling plan, roof plan, interior elevations, etc.
Point Cloud to Revit

Approach .

Benefits .

Our solutions helped the client

Client Speaks

Hitech engineers are extremely skilled at using Revit functions, and with the pace and quality they delivered our project, we are sure that their capabilities to handle complex projects and deliver them on time are soaring high.

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