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Predictive quality management solution helps electrical insulation manufacturer improve product and process quality and comply with standards Banner

Client Profile

Started in the year 1993, the company is a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of laminate sheets from paper-based raw materials. The company delivers extensive range of fabric-based and paper-based phenolic, formica, bakelite and cotton phenolic laminate sheets that are used in electrical and auto-electrical industries.

Business Need .

All operations at the unit, right from gathering raw materials, cutting papers and using hydraulic hot press to packaging and dispatch- are completely manual. The client was looking for a digital solution to monitor critical machine parameters during hot press operations to maintain quality. They also needed continuous updates and timely alerts, in case parameters hit upper or lower thresholds.

Challenges .

Solution .

An online and remote quality monitoring solution for critical assets by installing necessary sensors along with IoT gateway devices to monitor machine health parameters and maintain laminate quality to:

Approach .

Business Impact .

Improved product quality and throughput
Reduced scrap wastage due to quality related issues
Enhanced quality compliance with standards
Increased machine up-time
Optimized workforce utilization
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