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Turn customer insights into profitable growth

Analyze customer sentiment to deliver personalized service and reduce customer churn. Learn more »
Voice of Customer

Build a unified view of customer sentiment to create outstanding customer experiences

Unlock valuable insights into customer needs, triggers, and sentiment. Convert unstructured feedback from multiple interaction channels into crucial insights to drive winning business strategies and customer experience.

Develops better products/services

Effective Business Strategies

Get real-time insights into customer sentiments to design tailored marketing for business benefits.

Improves operatioal processes

Enhanced Customer Experience

Proactively identify and address customer pain points to enhance customer experience and reduce churn.

Grows top line revenue

Improved Product

Innovate based on customer preferences and behavior to design better products for improved product mix.

Improves net promoter score

Focused After Sales

Deliver focused and effective post sales service by leveraging a deeper understanding of customer expectations.

Capture & collate customer sentiment

Customer sentiment is gathered from multiple channels though custom tools and plug-ins. The multi-sourced data, integrated into a central repository drives a unified view of customer sentiment. Cleansing and standardization of the data prepares it for annotation and analytics. API-based connectors ensure security during data transition and flow.

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Capture & collate customer sentiment

Understand & interpret sentiment

An initial process of manually annotating data with sentiment tags builds powerful training datasets to train ML algorithms. Al-powered text analytics and natural language processing automatically tag thousands of raw textual data, going beyond keyword and phrase analysis to contextual analysis of text blocks. Continuous learning algorithms enable corrections in real time.

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Understand & interpret sentiment

Get analytical insights into customer sentiment

Use our custom dashboards to get drill down customer insights across business metrics including service and product lines, market, geographies etc. Get granular and analytical details to understand customer pain points and triggers. Real time automated alerts and notifications driven by configurable rules highlight red flags and potential trouble spots.

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Get analytical insights into customer sentiment

Take data-driven actions

Leverage detailed and customizable reports and intelligent alerts to craft your responses and redirect business focus. Take informed actions based on priorities, across product lines and customer service to drive higher engagement and positively impact your revenue streams. Monitor the efficacy of every customer engagement program in real time.

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Take data-driven actions

Talk to us today to see how you can reduce churn, enhance CX and drive business growth

Listen to the customer voice, analyze sentiment and design personalized strategies to address customer needs and pain points.

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Talk to us today to see how you can reduce churn, enhance CX and drive business growth
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